Kinder Prep Learning Center

See for yourself why Kinder Prep is a great place to work & grow!

"I came to Kinder Prep from the U.S. Air Force and I am so thankful for the opportunities that I have been given since I started working here in January 2016. I started as a toddler teacher and have since moved up in the company to Director. There are so many training opportunities, including scholarships from Idaho STARS that keep moving me forward in my career in Early Childhood Education. I couldn't ask for better team mates and love the atmosphere we have created! Getting to spend time with the amazing children we have at our center is just a bonus!"

-Erika, Director

"I have worked with every age group over the time I have been with Kinder Prep. Every age has something different that I've enjoyed. I love coming to work and getting to watch how much they grow and how excited they are to learn. I have met so many amazing families and co-workers over the years."

-Miss. L., Pre K Teacher

"I work with the preschool class and I adore them. They are such an active fun group of children. The connections I have formed with some of the families will definitely be long lasting. My co-workers help to make each day enjoyable, even when things don't go as planned."

-Miss. A.F, Pre K Teacher

"Kinder Prep- Although a very small building full of kids, is a very fun filled learning experience with great teachers! Even the bosses are cool! I enjoy just about every day. I love the kids! The days go by fast and it's just enjoyable. I love this job (:"

-Miss. A.M, Toddler Teacher

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