Kinder Prep Learning Center


At Kinder Prep Learning Center, all of our team members are required to attend yearly training courses through the state of Idaho. We require they attend at least 15 hours of early childhood development classes per year. We also display all staff pictures, Bio's and CPR certifications and background checks in our lobby. Come check out our employee Bio wall!

Miss Erika- Owner/Director

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Miss Mackenzie- Private

Kindergarten/ Summer Aide

Miss Mackenzie has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Early Childhood Education with a minor in Family Studies. She attended Central Washington University in Ellensburg until February of 2017.. She is certified to teach through 3rd grade but her passion has always been Kindergarten! She was born and raised in Ellensburg and was able to do her practicum and student teaching in the same Kindergarten classroom, as well as a year-long internship.

Miss Cindy- Pre-K (4-5)

Miss Cindy has been working with children since 1998 and loves to motivate children to learn and be yethrough engaging curriculum. She has dedicated her time to improving classroom structure throughout our center and directs our yearly curriculum. She continues to take professional development trainings to improve classroom quality.

Miss Jamie- Pre-K (4-5)

Miss Jamie is our early pre k teacher and enjoys helping children learn and watching them use their imaginations. She is trained as a para, and has worked with Kindergarten students for 2 years in the special education program at Atlas Elementary, Her classroom curriculum is full of science, sensory discovery projects and hands on activities!

Miss Audrey-Lead Toddler Teacher

Miss Alexis is our AM Lead toddler teacher and pm pre k teacher. She has a background in elementary education, receiving her teaching certificate from the University of Idaho. Before having children she was an elementary school teacher. She loves reading, hiking and fishing and her favorite part about teaching is the laughter that accompanies working with children.

Miss Sierra-Lead Waddler Teacher

Miss Sierra is our lead waddler teacher, caring for children ages 18months to 2 years! She has personal experience working with young children and is eager to implement a fun, sensory based curriculum for her classroom!

Miss Nikki- Lead Toddler Teacher

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