Kinder Prep Learning Center

Toddler Early Pre K (2-3 years)

Our toddler program is based on the curriculum created as part of Tot School, a week by week curriculum created by a Kindergarten teacher to prepare toddlers for preschool focusing on fine and gross motor skills, sensory exploration and fun themed arts and crafts to engage little ones in hands on learning! Our classrooms are set up in centers to give focus to different skills and include baby stations, transportation area, books and puzzles, quiet center and dramatic play!

Our toddlers are constantly learning about the world around them, they are introduced to family style dining and table manners, learn how to share and play alongside their peers, gain social skills while in the care of their teacher and socializing with other children in their classroom, and 

Pre-K (3-5 years)

Our pre-k program begins at the age of 3yrs. We are dedicated to providing the most enriching environment to stimulate growth and foster health relationships among children and their peers and teachers in the classroom. Our classrooms include natural elements that serve to cultivate creativity and open ended materials ensure children are able to explore elements of their environment through structured learning centers.

The 5 primary elements of our pre-k curriculum are:

  • Math & Science
  • Art
  • Dramatic play
  • Reading/Language
  • Sensory Discovery

All of our teachers are required to develop a weekly lesson plan incorporating the 5 curriculum elements based on a weekly theme. Lessons are thoughtfully created and prepped for in advance, while the assistant director approves all activities planned and oversees them during the school week.

Our Pre-K room is set up for hands on learning and circle time with several different centers for exploratory play and practical living.

Pre K Programs

Basic Balance Gymnastics

Miss Libby is a gymnastics instructor from Basic Balance Gymnastics that visits our preschoolers (ages3-5) on Thursdays for gymnastics class! This is an optional class that parents sign their children up for, cost is $45 for a 5 week session. Miss Libby brings tumbling mats, monkey bars, balance beams and other equipment straight to the classroom!